Volunteer Voice Banking Drive

LC Technologies, Inc. – VocaliD – ALS Association DC/MD/VA

Gift the gift of your unique voice! Join various groups in this cause to raise awareness

of voice banking technology, and add to the library of human voices.

Over 10 million people worldwide live without a voice due to disability and often rely on a handful of digital voices to speak that do not match their personalities or bodies. Join 20,000+ volunteer voice donors in adding your voice to The Human Voicebank to help create unique voices for those in need.

It’s as easy as recording from your home computer using Google Chrome web browser and a headset microphone, all while earning community service hours and giving something only you can provide—your unique voice!  Join LC Technologies and its partners in this unique community service project.

The 2017 Voice bank drive by LC Technologies has officially ended. We thank everyone who participated, as well as our collaborative partners, the ALS Association DC Chapter and VocaliD, in this shared awareness & volunteer project. With voice banking services available from multiple companies, we encourage individuals to research and choose a voice banking service that best meet their needs. Happy Communicating!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to contribute my voice? Voice volunteers will need: A high-speed internet connection and laptop or desktop computer, an email address, Google Chrome web browser (can be downloaded for free), and a USB-connected headset microphone. For high quality voice recording, VocaliD strongly recommends using the Turtle Beach EAR FORCE Recon 50 head set microphone.

How long does a voice donation take? Each speaker will need about 7 hours of total recording time.  This is best done in short periods, like 30 minutes 2 times a week for several weeks. An initial training and introductory video will be sent to you and recording is simple using VocaliD’s virtual studio.  The Voice bank drive will last officially for 2 months, but volunteers can complete their voice recordings at any time.

I can’t give my voice—How else can I help? You can donate to the ALS Association DC/MD/VA chapter to help someone without a voice receive the power to communicate. Donate here.

What happens to my voice after I donate it? Your voice will be digitized by VocaliD and stored in their human voicebank.  Each voice can be matched with a recipient based on age, gender, language and voice characteristics.  The contributed voice is then blended with a recipient’s vocalizations to create a unique voice for the individual in need

Can I receive community service hours for my school or business?  Yes!  You can receive service project certificate upon completing your voice donation.

Still unsure if you want to give the gift of your voice?  See the impact it can make: