4 Ways Eye Tracking Technology is Improving Lives

Thanks to successful charitable campaigns, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser for ALS, eye tracking technology is getting more attention now than ever before. Besides assisting people who 4 ways eye tracking is improving liveshave ALS, eye tracking technology is being put to use is many more amazing ways. Here are just a few:

1. Eye tracking tests can help medical professionals diagnose concussions with improved accuracy and speed. Numerous studies on mild traumatic brain injury suggest that the shearing of […]

Eye Tracking to Improve Airport Security

PlaneAs the weather gets warmer, more travelers will be hitting the airways for vacations and visits to friends and families. Thankfully, eye tracking technology is making strides to keep us safer as we fly. According to FCW, a publication covering the federal technology and business sectors, eye tracking technology can provide insight that could lead to safer airports.


Top federal research lab Sandia recently harvested airport security checkpoint imaging data from the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) routine operations and used it to […]

How Eye Tracking Technology Aids the Research Process

ResearchHave you ever watched a baby or small child play and thought to yourself — I wish I knew what he (or she) is thinking?


We usually have to wait until our children are old enough to tell us what they are thinking, and do they ever love to tell us!


Before infants and young children can talk, eye tracking can give us details about what is going on in their developing minds. Researchers at The Child and Baby Lab […]

3 Amazing Objectives Eye Tracking Technology Can Achieve

Eye tracking researchEye tracking technology has numerous applications, from entertainment to marketing research to assistive technologies. In fact, recent advances in the industry point to a future where few of our lives won’t be touched by eye tracking in some way.


Perhaps the most meaningful applications relate to medical diagnoses and treatment. Here are three wonderful uses for of eye tracking technology.


1. Eye tracking technology allows people with ALS to live fuller lives.


Patients with mobility-limiting diseases, such as ALS, can […]

Eye Tracking Shows What Really Goes On in the Minds of Athletes

NFL FootballFrom college football bowl games to the Super Bowl itself, this time of year is filled with games for sporting fans. The NBA is in full-swing, too, and March Madness is just around the corner. As spectators, we enjoy watching athletes use their highly-tuned skills to play games and win. But there is more going on, behind the physical feats of skill and strength.


When faced with the pressure of the world’s eyes upon you – not to mention the […]

4 Eye Tracking Technology Applications You May Not Know

With recent media coverage of games that incorporate eye tracking and last year’s successful Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser for ALS, eye tracking technology is gaining attention. However, this amazing technology has quite a few applications you may not even know about.


Here are four less common ways eye tracking technology is making its mark on our world:


1. Autism diagnoses can be affirmed earlier in the disease’s progression. Research shows that infants who go on to develop autism not only look at faces less than other babies do, but they also […]

LC Technologies’ Eyegaze Research Services Can Give You an Edge

Eye tracking technology can be used in a number of applications, from assistive devices like the Eyegaze Edge to the cockpits of fighter jets. Eye tracking is also a powerful tool for research, as it allows honest insight, in real-time, into the subject’s thoughts and brain processes.


LC Technologies offers state-of-the-art eye tracking research to clients who can benefit from in-depth data about their consumers. Below we offer an overview of our eye tracking research services, which go beyond the heat map to provide unmatched academic and professional expertise and the […]

Eye-tracking Study Shows Whether Digital Billboards are Safe for Motorists

You know the billboards – the ones that actually catch your eye as you drive by, the moving, flashing, colorful displays created by digital billboards.


Not surprisingly, digital billboards have been shown to be more effective than their traditional, static counterparts. But what about safety? Since they are so eye-catching, do digital billboards pose a threat to drivers and passengers on U.S. highways?


The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHA) was determined to find out, so they issued a […]

MLB Team Uses Eye-Tracking Study to Improve Marketing Strategy

When fans visit a ballpark, they probably don’t pay too much attention to in-park advertising in the form of signage and digital displays. However, their brains certainly register this information, and one Major League Baseball (MLB) team has the research to prove it.


Ted Baugh is the senior director of corporate partnerships for the Cleveland Indians, and he used an innovative eye-tracking study to reveal how often and how long fans looked at in-park advertising while attending games.


Beyond the Heat Map: Let the LC Technologies Research Edge Becomes Your Edge, Too

Like many specialized industries, the eye tracking tech world can feel small at times. Chances are, most of you have heard the buzz surrounding a recent product launch of a service promising insights into market research using eye tracking technologies.


But, providing heat maps of consumers’ eye movements is nothing new. This capability is built into most eye tracking software, including our own. Like most of our competitors, LC Technologies provides this data to our clients, but it is inherently limited; it is, after all, just a summary of eye movement […]