Hot topics: Voice Banking—What is it?

A current hot topic in the assistive technology arena is voice banking. Voice banking is the process of digitally saving your voice for future use on a speech generating device (SGD). Individuals who may lose their voice due to motor neuron disease or ALS can consider saving their voice before it is gone. This way, when they eventually lose their natural speaking voice, they can communicate on their SGD using a synthesized voice that sounds much like their own. […]

Why People Love Our EAS Eye Tracking Devices

As more and more people realize how insightful eye-tracking technology is, products like our Edge Analysis System (EAS) Eye Trackers are becoming increasingly popular. LC Technologies offers ourWhy people love our EAS eye tracking devices 600 Series as either a binocular or monocular eye-tracking system.
While the monocular system uses one camera to track one eye, the binocular system measures the gaze position of both eyes with two separate cameras. Both systems offer low cost, reliability and consistent accuracy.
Here are […]

Robots for Humanity Opens a Whole New Virtual World

Social media is breaking down barriers for people living with disabilities. By participating in online communities, these individuals can overcome physical limitations and participate in social life more easily.


Virtual worlds offer one of the most realistic social experiences for people online. In virtual worlds, people can create alter egos which they can use to build new relationships or maintain existing ones. For people with mobility issues or communication disorders, this ability to live virtually through an avatar is opening– quite literally – a whole new world of opportunity for […]

LC Technologies’ Jon West Speaks at Michigan CHI Event

Our own Jon West gave a presentation at a Michigan CHI event this week. The talk was entitled, “Beyond the Heat-map: The Future of Eye-tracking” and was held Tuesday evening at Cengage Learning in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Jon West is the Director of Marketing and Opportunities for LC Technologies.
He offered participants the opportunity to see, touch, and learn about eye tracking. He covered the evolution and current state of eye-tracking technology, its broad uses which include medical, usability, and market research, and predictions for the future with robots, cell […]