4 Ways Eye Tracking Technology is Improving Lives

Thanks to successful charitable campaigns, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser for ALS, eye tracking technology is getting more attention now than ever before. Besides assisting people who 4 ways eye tracking is improving liveshave ALS, eye tracking technology is being put to use is many more amazing ways. Here are just a few:

1. Eye tracking tests can help medical professionals diagnose concussions with improved accuracy and speed. Numerous studies on mild traumatic brain injury suggest that the shearing of […]

Eye Tracking Technology is Helping to Prevent Texting-Related Accidents for Teens with ADHD

Teens get a bad reputation for being careless drivers, and a study shows those suffering from ADHD are even more likely to be involved in dangerous auto accidents. And, as if operating a vehicle in dense traffic weren’t enough of a challenge for drivers who have a hard time focusing, texting behind the wheel — not surprisingly — compounds the problem.


However, eye tracking technology is providing a glimmer of hope to those of us who want to make the roads a safer place for ourselves and our families. But, the goal […]

Czech’s Skoda Uses Eye Tracking Technology in its Cutting-Edge Ad

Czech automobile maker Skoda has launched a cutting-edge digital advertising campaign that uses eye tracking technology to promote its third-generation Fabia car.

The ad agency 18 Feet & Rising created the interactive online experience, which it calls, “Fight for Attention.” This modern take on advertising is a fascinating use of eye tracking technology and illustrates its capacity for engaging users.


The ad, or “experience,” measures and displays the results of the viewer’s interaction with a film in real-time. It begins with the calibration of the viewer’s pupil movement with a computer webcam. […]

5 Things You May Not Know About Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking technology makes the news often these days, in stories ranging from consumer device launches to medical diagnostic research to assistive technologies.


However, few people take the time to explore the science behind this technology that is improving lives every day. For example, did you know:


1. The human brain has evolved a sophisticated strategy for pointing our eyes toward the most information-rich objects available.


Our brains rely on our vision system to gather current information about the environment, yet our eyes can only look at one […]