Why People Love Our EAS Eye Tracking Devices

As more and more people realize how insightful eye-tracking technology is, products like our Edge Analysis System (EAS) Eye Trackers are becoming increasingly popular. LC Technologies offers ourWhy people love our EAS eye tracking devices 600 Series as either a binocular or monocular eye-tracking system.
While the monocular system uses one camera to track one eye, the binocular system measures the gaze position of both eyes with two separate cameras. Both systems offer low cost, reliability and consistent accuracy.
Here are […]

Meet 5 Eyegaze Edge Users

Joe MartinFrom walking and driving to things we take for granted, like eating and entertaining ourselves, people with disabilities face challenges every day. Technology like our Eyegaze Edge can help people meet these challenges head-on. The Eyegaze Edge, an eye-controlled communication and control system, uses the pupil-center/corneal-reflection method to determine where the user is looking on the screen. Here’s how it works:


An infrared-sensitive video camera, mounted beneath the system’s screen, takes 60 pictures per second of the user’s eye. […]

Steve Gleason Act Signed Into Law

Steve GleasonRecently, people living with ALS, and the entire assistive technology community, celebrated as President Obama signed Steve Gleason’s signature legislation into law. This bill makes speech generating devices more accessible for patients with ALS and other neurological disorders by making the purchases eligible for reimbursement through Medicare and Medicaid.


“Steve and Team Gleason deserve all the praise in the world for not only shedding light on this issue, but helping get our bill across the goal line,” said Sen. David […]

Eye Tracking the 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Just as important as the football game itself, the ads during the Super Bowl have become just as iconic in their own right.  A Thirty-second ad for this year’s the Super Bowl cost 3.8 Million Dollars.  If companies are willing to dish out this amount of cash (127k per/sec of airtime) you’d expect every second to be “eye-catching”. By “eye-catching” I mean the audience looking  at exactly what the company deems worthy enough of 127,000 dollars that particular second of airtime. let us examine some of the popular ads […]