How the Eyegaze Edge and Eye Follower Track Eye Movements

You are probably familiar with eye tracking technology from the widespread attention this innovation has received in recent years. You may even have some understanding of how this complex technology works to provide important data for research and to provide a means of communication for those who are unable to speak.

However, much more is going on when an eye tracking system “watches” your eyes. Yes, there’s more than meets the eyeHow the eyegaze edge tracks eye movements behind this fascinating technology, […]

Why People Love Our EAS Eye Tracking Devices

As more and more people realize how insightful eye-tracking technology is, products like our Edge Analysis System (EAS) Eye Trackers are becoming increasingly popular. LC Technologies offers ourWhy people love our EAS eye tracking devices 600 Series as either a binocular or monocular eye-tracking system.
While the monocular system uses one camera to track one eye, the binocular system measures the gaze position of both eyes with two separate cameras. Both systems offer low cost, reliability and consistent accuracy.
Here are […]

5 Fascinating Uses for Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking1With so many uses for eye tracking technology these days, you may be wondering how we got here so quickly. But consider this: Just 15 years ago, few people were surfing the Internet with their touch screen-operated smartphone. It took several attempts to market this technology before it made its way to the hands of consumers.


Then, it took a few years of adoption before we became accustomed to conducting our online lives on the go. Now, it’s […]

Georgia Hospital Sets Goal of Attaining Eye-Tracking Devices for Early Autism Detection

Children’s hospitals often make us feel sad for the young patients who must deal with sickness and injury rather than focus on playing, as children should. However, within the walls of children’s hospitals lie hope, compassion, and innovation, too.

An Atlanta-area children’s hospital recently received an injection of hope, in the form of a generous gift to fund an eye-tracking unit for the hospital. The gift was a $75,000 donation (by the Bagwell family and American Proteins) toward the Early Autism Detection Unit of Children’s Healthcare, and the hope is […]