Hot topics: Voice Banking—What is it?

A current hot topic in the assistive technology arena is voice banking. Voice banking is the process of digitally saving your voice for future use on a speech generating device (SGD). Individuals who may lose their voice due to motor neuron disease or ALS can consider saving their voice before it is gone. This way, when they eventually lose their natural speaking voice, they can communicate on their SGD using a synthesized voice that sounds much like their own. […]

Measuring success at my first ATIA Conference with LC Technologies

It was the middle of winter and I was headed from freezing Virginia to sunny Florida! Not only was this my first time attending the annual Assistive Technology Industry Association’s (ATIA) conference, but I was in charge of leading LC Technologies team in demonstrating the Eyegaze Edge® and educating professionals and families on Eyegaze communication technology.

As an organization, ATIA’s mission is to “serve as a collective voice of the assistive technology industry to help ensure that the best products […]

How the Eyegaze Edge and Eye Follower Track Eye Movements

You are probably familiar with eye tracking technology from the widespread attention this innovation has received in recent years. You may even have some understanding of how this complex technology works to provide important data for research and to provide a means of communication for those who are unable to speak.

However, much more is going on when an eye tracking system “watches” your eyes. Yes, there’s more than meets the eyeHow the eyegaze edge tracks eye movements behind this fascinating technology, […]

4 Ways Eye Tracking Technology is Improving Lives

Thanks to successful charitable campaigns, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser for ALS, eye tracking technology is getting more attention now than ever before. Besides assisting people who 4 ways eye tracking is improving liveshave ALS, eye tracking technology is being put to use is many more amazing ways. Here are just a few:

1. Eye tracking tests can help medical professionals diagnose concussions with improved accuracy and speed. Numerous studies on mild traumatic brain injury suggest that the shearing of […]

Eye Tracking to Improve Airport Security

PlaneAs the weather gets warmer, more travelers will be hitting the airways for vacations and visits to friends and families. Thankfully, eye tracking technology is making strides to keep us safer as we fly. According to FCW, a publication covering the federal technology and business sectors, eye tracking technology can provide insight that could lead to safer airports.


Top federal research lab Sandia recently harvested airport security checkpoint imaging data from the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) routine operations and used it to […]

Do You Know How Eye Tracking Benefits Society?

AssistiveTechnologyIs eye tracking a technology that benefits people living with disabilities, by serving as their “voice” in their professional and private lives? Or is eye tracking technology a powerful marketing tool, allowing professionals to create better, clearer websites?


Eye tracking technology is both of these things, and so much more. Below, we cover four ways eye tracking is being applied across multiple industries and disciplines:


1. Eye tracking helps researchers determine the effectiveness of anti-smoking legislation. Did you know that Australians […]

How to Innovate with LC Technologies’ Eyegaze API

APILC Technologies has been on the forefront of eye tracking technology for years. We’ve developed assistive technologies to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities. We’ve also created products that help companies research and understand the real-life web experiences of their customers. Through our products and services, we’ve improved many lives, and now we’re inviting you to join us in our quest for innovation.


Our Software Development Kit is available for FREE and provided on a perpetual license basis. We invite […]

Eye Tracking Shows What Really Goes On in the Minds of Athletes

NFL FootballFrom college football bowl games to the Super Bowl itself, this time of year is filled with games for sporting fans. The NBA is in full-swing, too, and March Madness is just around the corner. As spectators, we enjoy watching athletes use their highly-tuned skills to play games and win. But there is more going on, behind the physical feats of skill and strength.


When faced with the pressure of the world’s eyes upon you – not to mention the […]

10 Tips Eye Tracking Research Reveals for More Effective Websites

Are your target users really getting the most out of your website? Are you?

Users want to find the information they need quickly, and you want them to convert to customers or clients. But how can you really know if your website is getting the job done?

Eye tracking research is one of the most effective ways to assess your website because it goes straight to the source, studying users’ eye movements so you know exactly how they interact with your web pages.

This research can provide insight you never could have […]

Assistive Technologies Are Improving People’s Lives

Eyegaze EdgeOn our blog, naturally we focus on eye tracking technologies that assist disabled people. After all, eye tracking is helping so many people live more fulfilling lives. However, eye tracking isn’t the only assistive technology available to those living with disabilities.


Depending on a patient’s specific condition, certain assistive technologies – or even a combination of two or more of them – can help them to communicate with loved ones, to access information online, and to move around during […]