May is Better Speech & Hearing Month!

How does the Eyegaze Edge speech generating device improve communication in the home?

Families who come to LC Technologies Inc. for eye gaze communication solutions come to us as they are experiencing communication declines in the home with their loved ones. Since communication is a shared activity, not only do these declines impact the individual who has lost their voice, but greatly impact relationships with family members, caregivers and friends as well.
With declines in speaking ability before receiving […]

10 Tips Eye Tracking Research Reveals for More Effective Websites

Are your target users really getting the most out of your website? Are you?

Users want to find the information they need quickly, and you want them to convert to customers or clients. But how can you really know if your website is getting the job done?

Eye tracking research is one of the most effective ways to assess your website because it goes straight to the source, studying users’ eye movements so you know exactly how they interact with your web pages.

This research can provide insight you never could have […]

How Eye Tracking Technology is Good for Business

HandshakeOftentimes, we discuss the benefits of eye tracking technology in a variety of industries – from assistive communities and security to the medical field and gaming. Did you know that corporations can also benefit from this technology? Eye tracking can actually help businesses establish how to make better use of their advertising dollars or help generate more lead conversion through email marketing. So, how specifically can this happen? Here are a few options:

Media Advertisements – Whether it’s a magazine ad or […]