World’s leading Eye Tracking and Eye-controlled Technology -Since 1986

In 1986, a group of engineers gathered in a basement in Virginia and founded LC Technologies, since it’s founding the company has pioneered the development of eye tracking technology for over 26 years. Our Award-winning Eyegaze Edge® have a long-standing reputation for accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use. LC Technologies is dedicated to delivering excellence in everything we produce. We are passionate about building the world’s best eye tracking hardware and software solutions. LC Technologies now operates in 44 countries. Our eye-tracking systems, are hands-off, unobtrusive, remote human-computer interfaces that provide highly accurate gazepoint prediction. All of our eye tracking systems have consistent gaze point prediction and unmatched accuracy even when a subject falls outside the “norm”.There are a wide range of applications but the first systems were designed to enable severely disabled individuals to communicate using only their eyes. To date, our technologies are now being implemented in research, national defense, gaming, virtual worlds, hospitals, and many more.

Our Executive Team