Eyegaze Reference Document

No other assistive technology taps into a physical function – controlling the eyes – as much as the Eyegaze Edge. We typically use our eyes to input information. Controlling this sophisticated communication and control device requires a new skill: using the eyes to output information.
Our Eyegaze users have taught us well. The Eyegaze Edge is the most accurate, most comfortable, and least fatiguing of any eye-operated device, thanks to the input of our users. We have paid attention to the smallest details that can affect the user’s comfort. The result is a speech-generating device with many features that can be adjusted to ensure that the underlying technology will be the best it can be for each individual.
The attached document is a reference tool suitable for clinicians. In addition to technical information about how eye tracking is done, there is information about anatomical variations of the eyes that can affect Eyegaze use, a discussion about optimal positioning, and considerations based on the user’s diagnosis. Practical solutions are included re: how to adjust the Eyegaze Edge to accommodate the user. Clinicians are welcome to copy the document and use it as a teaching tool, and are free to shorten but not to change the content.


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