Focusing on the user’s experience is critical to building applications and interfaces that keep the subject focused on task. Eye tracking provides unique insights into participants behavior and enables us to view elements that are unobserved by researchers before. When using a commercially available PC our eye tracking systems require no additional software to interface with your application. Even in many custom situations, our open architecture and SDK allow you to integrate our eye trackers quickly and effectively with third party software.


Scan path of Google showing fixations and saccades


Questions answered with our eye tracking solutions:

  • Is the current architecture of your design understandable by users?
  • What do user do in their decision making process and how can we make it easier for them?
  • What attracts users attention and where should relevant content be placed?
  • How do clicks on a page relate to what the user observed?



Google search for LC Technologies with a heat map overlaid

Questions to ask before implementing eye tracking into your studies:

  • How important is accuracy in your results?
  • How important is unobtrusiveness to your studies?
  • How much of the population should your eye tracking solution be able to work on?

Market Research

Eye tracking has become an extremely powerful tool in market research. Knowing what people see and – more important – what they miss is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people into buyers. Eye tracking allows us to stop guessing and use the unique features to get proof into peoples‘ attention and behavior. Imagine looking through your customers‘ eyes to evaluate the impact of your marketing. Find hidden deficiencies and compare it to the campaign of your competitors. Our solutions include powerful visualizations such as heat maps and gaze-time plot overlays, which augment your tradition methods and can easily be interpreted and presented in a convincing manner.

Sample Videos