Executive Team

Founds and CTO of LC Technologies

Mr. Cleveland is President and Chief Technical Officer of LC Technologies, Inc. He is one of the foremost authorities on eye tracking and the physiology of eye movement in the world. Author of many papers and awarded 8 patents in this field, he is the chief developer of the image processing hardware and software used in the Eyegaze Edge System. He has 26 years of experience in developing signal and image processing systems for instrumentation, man-machine and electronic-warfare applications. His key strength is an ability to analyze complex systems and develop computerized signal processing procedures to infer critical information from measured signals and images. Mr. Cleveland has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has done postgraduate work in Business Management from George Washington University.


Senior Developer at LC Technologies

Mr. Norloff is the Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Software Engineer for LC Technologies, Inc. He has 36 years of experience as a scientific programmer and a technical analyst working in signal processing and mathematical modeling. He is the chief software designer of the Eyegaze Edge® and responsible for creating the code for LC Technologies’ superior eye tracking technology and its applications.

Developing software since 1980, Mr. Norloff has direct experience with a large variety of programming languages and operating systems. Presently developing using C and C++ on Windows using Visual Studio. He has also worked in software development using Matlab and other tools. Mr. Norloff is responsible for the design and implementation of our large multi-threaded real-time image processing / eye tracking system.

Mr. Kester is the chief designer of project-related electronic hardware. His designs include multi-output microprocessor-controlled DC:DC converter with wide DC input, video synchronization for camera and IR emitter for PC/104 and PCI bus interfaces, and 3-axis motion controller. Prior to coming to LC Technologies, Ray worked for 15 years as a Hardware Systems Manager and Design Engineer designing products such as vibration monitoring and gear imaging processors, intelligent power supplies, tachometer fault-detection supplies for the pulp and paper and aerospace industries. He also managed and supervised the production department for all company products which included acquiring CE and other industry certifications. Mr. Kester has more than 20 years of experience in electronic design and programming, focusing on microprocessors/microcontrollers and analog design.

Nancy Cleveland

Nancy Cleveland is Medical Director at LC Technologies, Inc. A registered nurse for many years, she was an advisor to the engineering development staff in the original design efforts for the Eyegaze Edge®, providing the medical expertise necessary to adapt the technology to people with severe physical disabilities. Mrs. Cleveland has extensive experience performing clinical evaluations of disabled individuals using the Eyegaze Edge®, demonstrating the Eyegaze Edge at educational and medical institutions and at technical conferences, and teaching educational and rehabilitation professionals in the use of the Eyegaze Edge. Prior to joining LC Technologies in 1988, Mrs. Cleveland worked as a registered nurse in the fields of emergency medicine, trauma and acute psychiatric care.