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For years, our Eyegaze Edge eye tracking technology has freed those who are unable to control their body movement or speak. Now we’re delivering even more freedom with the Eyegaze Edge Link®, a new device that creates a plug-and-play connection between your Eyegaze Edge system and any system controlled by a USB keyboard and mouse.

The Eyegaze Edge Link® is a pair of USB devices that look like normal flash drives. Simply plug one into your Eyegaze Edge system, and plug the other into the computer or device you’d like to control. You’re connected! We’ve eliminated the connecting cables, the SKeys program, the SerialKeysX program, the USB to Serial converters, the software configuration….and all the time lost to configuring the various pieces.

Now you can use your Eyegaze on multiple devices by simply moving the Link. Any device that uses a USB keyboard and mouse can be controlled using the PC Access function in your Eyegaze Edge, including Microsoft Windows systems, Apple Mac systems, Linux systems, and more.

The Eyegaze Edge Link® is available as an upgrade for any current Eyegaze Edge user or as an option with the purchase of a new Eyegaze Edge system. We have the technology to expand your world!

US Patent 8,892,786