Eye Tracking Research and Analysis Software

Our Software solutions are compatible with all our eye trackers. NYAN 2.0 is a complete eye tracking data analysis suite for easy stimulus presentation, data recording, and data analysis. Gain insight into human cognition, consumer behavior and oculomotor processes. Getting the most our of eye tracking has never been easier! 


What is NYAN 2.0?

From Fundamental scientific research to commercial studies, the NYAN 2.0 analysis suite is an unprecedented tool for the whole life cycle of an eye tracking study. Its intuitive workflow makes it easy to manage a wide variety of studies in a controlled and flexible way. It guides you through planning your experiment setting, recording the data and using sophisticated analysis tools for graphical and numerical analysis. Studies can be customized and ordered in a variety of ways, making almost any design ready to use within minutes. With its synchronicity and detailed analysis functions, NYAN 2.0 allows scientific researchers to study basic visual perception, reading, infant behavior, and human cognition. Everything on the screen including images, video and raw data can be exported.NYAN 2.o allows for analyzing still images, interactive media such as web sites, dynamic Web 2.0 content, print and online advertising, and TV programs. Both scientific researchers and service providers can use its advanced analysis tools to discover and study visual attention, reading behavior, and psychological and physiological possesses.

Create Dynamic Areas of Interest

The ability to create moving areas of interest opens up new possibilities for the quantitative analysis of dynamic content such as movies and animated interfaces.

Gaze-Time Plots: Independent gaze information and pupil diameter

Gaze-Time Plot with pupil diameter
Gaze time plot with scanpath

Software Integration

Are you using TechSmith Morae™, MatLab, or Presentation  to conduct your study? If so, eye tracking can now be easily integrated into your workflow! NYAN 2.0 takes care of operating the eye tracker silently in the background. You can monitor the gaze position in real time with any connected plugin.


Video Demonstrations

We are able to insert Areas of Interest into our studies at anytime. This enables us to highlight regions or specific locations to analyze how often and for what period of time subjects viewed these areas.


Web Analysis

Web 2.0 allows us to not only view accurately where subjects are looking but also the path that subjects take as they complete tasks. NYAN takes into consideration dynamic elements within web pages providing us the ability to distinguish variation of different pop up menus or changing advertisements. Below are a few examples of our Web 2.0 application.

Web Navigation Path


Dynamic Web Page Analysis


Gaze-Time Plot

Demonstrates the coordinates of a subjects gaze location as it relates to time. We are able to view both eyes independently on the X, Y, and Z axis, as well as pupil diameter.



Data exports include

Gaze Time, Gaze points X, Y and Z Coordinates (Pixels), Pupil Size, Eye Motion State, Stimulus ID, Subject ID,  Local Time in Ms, Start Time, End Time, Fixation Duration, Fixation X and Y, Pre and Post Saccade Amplitude, Mouse Events, Areas of Interest (AOI), Video File Start and End Time, Section Frame, Event Type, Site ID, Parent and Previous Site ID, and MORE.
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