The Eyegaze API

We invite you to use our eye tracking platform to create solutions to new and challenging problems in science, humanities and gaze interactions. Our Software Development Kit is available at no extra cost and provided on a perpetual license basis.

We believe that innovation begins with an open system. Go ahead and invent, we will be there to support you.

– Dixon Cleveland

Functions (excerpt)

  • XY coordinates of the current view location *
  • Pupil diameter *
  • Fixation detection *
  • EyeFollower: 3D coordinate of the view location for real objects and 3D Virtual Worlds
  • 3-dimensional localization of the eyeball
  • Determining the time difference between recording the camera image and the output view data for accurate synchronization of its own data
  • Data synchronization with the gaze data stream by trigger
  • Sample programs (calibration, fixation detection, client-server settings, etc.)
  • Separate values ​​for left and right eye in a binocular eye tracker. (Gaze live vector)

Programming languages

The control can be effected from any programming language, support the static or dynamic link libraries for Windows, for example:

  • C / C + +  – with extensive SDK sample programs

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