Communicate with the world using the power of your eyes



User running the Medicare compliant Eyegaze Edge

The Eyegaze Edge is an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers people with disabilities to communicate and interact with the world. By looking at control keys or cells displayed on a screen, a user can generate speech either by typing a message or selecting pre-programmed phrases. Eyegaze Edge Systems are being used to write books, attend school and enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities all over the world.

Unique Features of the Eyegaze Edge
Who's using the Eyegaze Edge?
How does the Eyegaze Edge work?
Customizing the Eyegaze Edge
Optional programs enable users to:
All Eyegaze units include


Eyegaze Edge Tablet

Eyegaze_Edge_Modbook_3- Copy

  • One-piece unit combines processor and display in a small 5-pound package. (size: 12-1/2″ x 9″ x 3/4″)
  • Adjustable monitor arm with camera bracket
  • High-speed infared sensitive camera and lens
  • Touch Pen and keyboard
  • Eyegaze communication software

Eyegaze Edge Desktop

Eyegaze_Edge_Desktop_1- Copy

  • Eyegaze image processing unit (size: 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ x 2″)
  • 15” LCD flat panel monitor
  • Adjustable monitor arm with camera bracket
  • High-speed infrared sensitive camera and lens
  • Keyboard
  • Eyegaze communication software


The ModelTalker System is a speech synthesis software package designed for people who are losing or who have lost their ability to speak. If you or someone you care for uses a Speech Generating Device (SGD) to communicate, ModelTalker can provide a unique synthetic voice that is more representative of their own voice.

Please visit the ModelTalker website:

There is a registration form required to use ModelTalker. It take several hours to complete the voice recordings. ModelTalker provides assistance to guide users through this voice “banking” process, which will allow the recordings will be converted to a synthetic voice that can be used with SGDs!

grid showcase Screens come in both colorful and dark, giving the user the ability to decide between varying lighting conditions!
grid showcase 2 Screens can be customized or adjusted for the user. This hands on approach gives the user complete control!
With the Eyegaze Edge System a user can:
  • Create, store, and use unique messages
  • Send and receive emails
  • Browse the web
  • Listen to music
  • Control a television and other IR-controlled devices
  • Read a book in Kindle
  • Watch videos on Youtube
  • Access Facebook
  • Control the Windows Desktop
  • Operate a word processor
  • Use a calculator
  • Manage contacts
  • Skype
1. The EyeWorld Bundle
2. Computer Access Program
3. Lights and Appliances Program
4. Eye Mouse Program
5. Infrared Remote
6. Language Options

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