May is Better Speech & Hearing Month!

How does the Eyegaze Edge speech generating device improve communication in the home?

Families who come to LC Technologies Inc. for eye gaze communication solutions come to us as they are experiencing communication declines in the home with their loved ones. Since communication is a shared activity, not only do these declines impact the individual who has lost their voice, but greatly impact relationships with family members, caregivers and friends as well.
With declines in speaking ability before receiving […]

Hot topics: Voice Banking—What is it?

A current hot topic in the assistive technology arena is voice banking. Voice banking is the process of digitally saving your voice for future use on a speech generating device (SGD). Individuals who may lose their voice due to motor neuron disease or ALS can consider saving their voice before it is gone. This way, when they eventually lose their natural speaking voice, they can communicate on their SGD using a synthesized voice that sounds much like their own. […]

Harvard’s – Lahav Lab Auditory Attention Test

Eye Tracking the Youngest Subjects in History

Youngest Subjects to be Eye Tracked

The auditory attention test (AAT) from the Lahav Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, was created as a potentially early screening tool to assess auditory attention in premature infants before their NICU discharge.


The AAT takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. During the AAT, an infant is placed in a specialized test crib that has two micro-speakers installed by the infant’s head. Throughout the AAT, the infant hears their mother’s voice and a female’s […]