EyeGaze Edge

Eye Gaze eye tracking technology creates a lifeline for people with physical limitations that inhibit the use of limbs and or digits. Through this assistive technology, patients who have suffered a stroke, have ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and or Multiple Sclerosis, are able to use their eyes to stagy connected to the world. EyeGaze allows these patients to speak, write, and control application on the internet and appliances in the house. Note: An assessment is necessary to make certain that eye tracking technology is compatible with a patient.

Jack Orchard, an ALS patient uses eye tracking technology to write a book and start a non-profit organization.

Salvatore Usala was diagnosed with ALS and now uses his Eyegaze to stay connected.

Eyegaze user, Angela, demonstrates use of her system in a video clip from a German news channel (1:01 min)  No Audio.

How patients with physical limitations use eye gaze, eye tracking technology.